Who We Are

Ferquiastur It is a road transport company with a long and proven experience in the sector. We started our business in early 2008. Since then we have established ourselves in the industry as a road transport company of the most reliable on the market.

Not only for the fulfillment depth of deadlines, but for our expertise in the transport of dangerous goods in tanks and all kinds of chemicals.

With these assumptions we can state categorically that Ferquiastur We are specialized in transportation throughout the European Union sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, liquid fertilizers and caustic soda, among other products.

Also, offer services quality haulage of solid and we comply with all regulations when it comes to transportation, loading and unloading concerns.

quiene we are

If you a company or entity representing national or European level and are interested in any of our services, do not doubt, please contact us via any of the means set forth in this website or come closer to our facilities.

We are happy to accommodate requests. Dozens of satisfied customers throughout Europe support our daily work.

A quality carrier, rapid and serious.

Since our business requires us to continuously improving and adapting to meet the maximum needs of our customers, We have implemented a quality management system and processes on the environment ISO 9001 for transportation and logistics operator of dangerous goods. Today we also have SQAS. In Ferquiastur all staff have a strong commitment to provide the highest quality and safety in the transport of dangerous goods by road.