Our fleet

The fleet Ferquiastur It is a safe bet, since our activity since 2008 It has been the trucking Chemicals. Mostly called dangerous goods.

We have in our fleet with the most varied selection of tanks monocompartment and compartmentalized for simultaneous transport of chemicals.

The characteristics of our tanks are the following:

  • 7 cisterns 16.200 liter single tank.
  • 32 cisterns 33.000 heat-insulated liters with independent outputs and union of collectors,es.
  • 30 cisterns 22.500 liters monocompartment.
  • 4 cisterns 25.000 liter three compartments.
  • 9 cisterns 30.000 litros calorifugadas y monocubas.
  • 2 cisternas para el transporte de Amoniaco Anhidro.
  • 1 unidad con contador para el reparto de Adblue.