Ferquiastur proper logistics and freight (so much Dangerous Goods as solid or any type of chemical) Road and final satisfaction of each of our customers are two of the fundamental premises on which we base our activities.

Since we opened our doors, collaborate with the most established and reputable companies on the national scene. To achieve this intimate relationship, offer a high quality service, seriousness absolute when the job done and immediate response to any emergency or unforeseen event that may arise.

If these features we add them speed within the agreed deadlines, the personalized attention and tailored to each customer type and specialization of the entire template Ferquiastur, the result makes us a current company, modern and ready to face any challenge presented to us.

“In a modern somos Ferquiastur, present and ready to face any challenge that comes our way”

At present, our tank fleet is made up of 40 units in the territory, both national and international. We have several charging points throughout the peninsula.
The loading places you have to include:

  • Almeria.
  • Algeciras.
  • Zuera.
  • Sabiñánigo
  • Pamplona.
  • Mugardos.</at the